Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Exolum incorporates in its business and operational strategy the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN in 2015 to build a better future for people and the planet.


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Exolum is a full member, at signatory level, of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact. As a company that participates in this international agreement, our business strategy and our aim as a company, are aligned with the ten universal principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, as well as with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN in 2015 to build a better future for people and the planet.

Specifically, these are the SDGs that we have set ourselves as key aspects of our strategy:

Main focus


We want to be the global infrastructure company most highly valued by employees and customers, which means continuing to conduct the global management of our infrastructures in such a way as to guarantee affordable, safe and sustainable access to energy (SDG7); as well as expanding our field of vision to study new business opportunities and offer innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions (SDG9).


All of this, whilst always giving priority to the health and wellbeing of people (SDG3) and the protection of the environment (SDG13), with the aim of playing a key role in the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Direct contribution


Our infrastructures and new businesses, based on innovation and energy efficiency, help us to create more sustainable cities and communities (SGD11). Furthermore, the way we do things, characterised by a responsible use of natural resources, contributes to guaranteeing more responsible production and consumption patterns (SDG12) and fostering a green economy (SDG 6, 14 and 15).


To strengthen this commitment to society, we maintain strategic collaborations with other companies, suppliers and customers (SDG17), who help us to favour the development of new forms of energy and offer innovative services.

Indirect contribution


Creating a good working environment is another of our priorities. Thanks to our working conditions, equality plans and social benefits, we promote inclusive economic growth, which guarantees decent work for all (SDG8) and gender equality (SDG5).


Moreover, our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan is aligned with the 17 SDGs and contributes to promoting quality education (SDG4), through our cooperation with schools and universities, and to reducing inequalities (SDG10), via the different initiatives that we implement with non-profit organisations and NGOs.