Our top priority is the safety of our employees and the environment in which we operate.

Safety vision


Our vision is to ensure people’s safety and to protect the environment at all times. For such purpose, we provide all our employees and leaders with the knowledge and skills required to achieve zero accidents.



Visión de la seguridad

Safety Foundations


The Safety Foundations are Exolum’s basic safety principles. They provide the information required to perform common tasks in the safest possible manner.


More about the Safety Foundations

Highest level of safety and reliability

 We carry out our activities in a way that protects our workers, facilities and immediate surroundings, and we are guided by the following safety principles:
Integrated safety

Each employee or collaborator has an active commitment and responsibility for their own safety as well as those around them.



Safety planning and control

We set annual safety targets and establish measures to achieve them.

Supplier and contractor engagement with safety policy

We assess and select our contractors and collaborators based on safety criteria, and require that they conduct themselves in accordance with our internal rules..

Continuous adaptation to regulations and excellence criteria

We strictly comply with the legislation governing the different infrastructures, operations and systems, and take account of the most exacting international standards, particularly for areas not covered by any specific legislation.

Employee helth and safety

We are committed to contributing to the protection of health and our surroundings, and are familiar with the effects of the processes and products we handle.

Communication, information, consultation and participation

We encourage our employees to communicate openly on risk prevention matters, promoting their participation and collaboration and identifying opportunities for improvement.


We provide ongoing training in health and safety in the workplace to Exolum employees and our collaborators.

Engagement with society

We collaborate with the authorities and public and private entities on risk prevention and the improvement of safety conditions, and share our views and experiences for policy development.


Our safety policy is consistent and coherent with our quality and environmental policies.

Pipeline protection


In Spain and the UK, we have a sophisticated pipeline network for the transportation of fuels. The special characteristics of the materials used in their construction, their design and the protective measures in place, make them one of the safest, most efficient and reliable modes of transport.


To guarantee their safety, we have a “Pipeline Integrity Plan,” prepared in accordance with the best international practices in the industry, which provides for mitigation measures, the frequency of infrastructure inspections, action protocols and monitoring and control indicators.


In Spain, we use a sophisticated satellite surveillance system for safe and efficient pipeline management, and perform regular inspections of the infrastructure on foot, in vehicles and from the air.


We also have good relations with the local authorities and the owners of the land through which the pipelines pass to ensure they are aware of the characteristics of the infrastructure and can count on their collaboration when necessary.

Contact for works in the area (only Spain)


Digitalised information on Exolum’s networks in Spain is available to any entity that requests it via the platform


Through this system, city councils, building and engineering companies, and other entities performing works in the areas around the pipelines may download digital information on Exolum’s infrastructure in a controlled, reliable, easy and immediate manner.


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