Social Action

Social action

At Exolum we are committed to carry out all our activities minimizing their environmental impact and optimizing the use of resources, as established in the principles of our environmental policy.

Social action policy


We support educational, social inclusion and assistance, and environmental protection initiatives, which allows us to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the communities where we operate.

We also collaborate on other areas, such as the promotion of culture and the arts, the development of new energy sources, research in disease prevention and the fostering of entrepreneurship.

We lend our support to initiatives created and promoted by both civil society organisations and projects in which Exolum employees proactively participate as volunteers.

In addition, we continuously monitor the initiatives we participate in to ascertain their level of progress and contribution to society.

Application for collaboration  


We collaborate on projects we are invited to participate in and which, as a rule, meet the following conditions:


  • They focus on priority areas of action for us (education, social inclusion and assistance, environmental protection, promotion of culture, the arts, research and entrepreneurship) or other charity initiatives that Exolum employees support.
  • They take place in the local communities where the company operates.


If you would like to enlist our collaboration, please complete this form and email it to