Welcome to Exolum’s supplier portal

Here you will find all the information you need to become an Exolum supplier and participate in our Procurement Processes.
Our values compel us to use the highest quality standards when choosing our partners.
Our priority is the health and safety of people and the care and protection of the environment.

We favour a shared leadership approach that promotes enterprise and inspires us to confront the challenges of the future with hope and commitment.

We stimulate brilliant ideas and create action plans to establish new routes to the future.

We believe in people and in what we do, and we create a culture of respect and tolerance.

Innovation and continuous improvement within our company has led to digitalisation in many processes. We have therefore transformed our purchasing and supplier management platform and have adopted SAP Ariba as a solution.

Our actions in all Company processes, including, of course, our procurement processes are based on transparency, ethics and integrity.

Responsible management

Supplier Code of Conduct

At Exolum we believe that our partners are key stakeholders for our organisation, and for this reason we have made managing our supply chain in a sustainable manner one of our top priorities.


Quality and integrity are two pillars underpinning our relationship with our suppliers. Therefore, it is essential that they accept and comply with our code of conduct. This document outlines the ethical principles and rules of conduct for our employees, and we also promote it among our contractors, suppliers and partners.

Our foundations for sustainable management of the supply chain



Development of suppliers and contractors through automation and centralisation of higher impact processes.



Cost reduction and improved efficiency.



Preselection and assessment of suppliers to ensure a sustainable supply chain from beginning to end.
At Exolum we integrate our suppliers in our sustainable management by cooperating with them actively, with the objective of minimising risks and obtaining beneficial results for both parties.

Sustainable development goals that are relevant to us

Our operations contribute to economic development at a national level, thus generating quality employment and adding value to both our suppliers and the entire setting in which we operate.
We contribute to the creation of reliable, high quality infrastructures, ensuring the safety and security of our employees, facilities and suppliers and aiming at maximising integration within the environment in a sustainable manner by using renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic power.

At Exolum our aim, both at our head offices and at our facilities, is to ensure a responsible use of the resources and the energy that allow us to perform our daily activities efficiently.

Our procurement process step by step

Supplier <br/>approval
Tendering process and<br/>purchase order receipt
Tendering process and
purchase order receipt
Task <br/>completion

How to become an Exolum supplier

If this is your first time working with Exolum, you need to complete a form providing the required information to confirm that you meet the minimum requirements to become one of our partners. You can access this form at the following link:
click here.

Fill in the information requested in the form and submit it to us.

Once the details provided in your registration form have been analysed, you will receive a personalised email including a link that will allow you to:


A – (If you do not have an account) create an account in Ariba Network and complete the supplier registration questionnaire.

B – (If you already have an account) log in using your existing account and access the supplier registration questionnaire in order to complete it.

Supplier approval

Depending on the category of product or service selected in the initial questionnaire you completed, you may need to provide additional information in order to complete the approval stage.


To complete this stage, you will receive a communication detailing any specific requirements applicable to the relevant category.


Your application will be analysed based on the information you provided, and we will notify you if your request for approval has been validated, rejected or if additional information is required.

Your day to day with Exolum

You will receive an email whenever we place an order with you. By clicking on “Process order” in the email, you will access the Ariba Network platform and can view the order details. Below is an example of the button mentioned above. A list of relevant issues to be taken into account in an order is included below the example.

Relevant issue’s to be taken into account in an order (See PDF)

After receiving an order and clicking on “Process order”, you should confirm receipt and acceptance by creating an order confirmation. The following video explains how to create it. A list of relevant issues to be considered when confirming an order is included below the example.

How to create an order confirmation (See PDF)

As soon as you provide a service or deliver materials, your next step is to create a service entry sheet or a materials ship notice. Such document will enable the recipient of the service/materials to approve the completed work or the materials received. Here you have a video explaining how to create a service sheet or ship notice to act as a guide for you. You will find relevant issues to be considered when creating a service sheet or ship notice below.

How to create a service sheet (See PDF)

Relevant issues to be considered when creating a service sheet (See PDF)

Once your service entry sheet has been approved (for service purchase orders) or an acknowledgement of receipt has been generated (for materials purchase orders), the “Create invoice” button will be enabled within the order. The following video explains in a practical manner how to create an invoice. A link to relevant issues to be considered when creating an invoice is included below the video.

How to create an invoice (See PDF)

Relevant issues to be considered when creating an invoice (See PDF)

Our tendering process

We organise our tendering processes through Ariba and generally invite the suppliers that are registered in the tool to participate. Depending on the type of tender, we invite different suppliers to submit bids, considering criteria such as supplier performance in previous years, service or supply complexity and market diversification.


Suppliers that are invited to tender will receive an email containing the notice and a link to access the tendering platform.


Ariba provides a simple and transparent system for suppliers to perform any tasks relating to requests for proposals, thus simplifying the whole process.