Additional services

Additional services

We have a wide range of additional services to offer our customers a comprehensive service that meets their needs.

Analysis and quality control


We have laboratories in Spain that conduct analyses and quality control on the products we manage to ensure they meet the strictest legal specifications. The laboratories also carry out environmental, characterisation, and material and additive performance tests using instrumental analysis techniques.


We guarantee the accuracy of product quantities supplied to clients at our Metrology Unit, which is responsible for verifying the proper operation of the measurement systems of storage tanks, tank truck loading facilities and aircraft fuelling systems. The laboratory is the only one in Spain certified by the authorities for fuel volume and by ENAC (the Spanish Accreditation Body) for its range of operations.


We also offer the metrology service to external customers. If you need an in-lab calibration or an on-site test, you can request one at:

Tax and quality additive


We offer a bespoke additive service in Spain, where customers can choose between incorporating their own additives or request the incorporation of additives selected by our experts. Due to legal requirements, additives of the tracer-colouring type must be added to off-road diesel and heating oil, which enjoy tax relief and whose use and consumption must be controlled. 


Additive characteristics (PDF) 

Waste management 


Our facilities are specially designed for the handling of liquid waste generated during oil, chemical and biofuel industrial processes, and even for managing NORM waste (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), which typically originates in the North Sea.

Gas storage and management


We have purpose-designed facilities for the storage of gas in the UK, including pressurised liquefied gas and industrial process gases, such as butane and propylene.