Toyota España delivers the new second generation Toyota Mirai to Exolum

The fuel cell saloon car manufactured by Toyota will enable Exolum to enjoy zero emission mobility powered by hydrogen.

The new Toyota Mirai, more powerful and efficient and with a longer driving range, is the world’s first mass-produced Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Toyota España has delivered a second-generation Toyota Mirai, the world’s first mass-produced Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), to Exolum. The delivery took place at the head office of Exolum in the presence of Miguel Carsi, CEO and Chairman of Toyota España, and Jorge Lanza, CEO of Exolum.

In line with its vision ‘Let’s Go Beyond’, Toyota aims to go beyond zero emission vehicles, with the target of achieving a connected society without emissions, based on hydrogen. Toyota’s road map to electrification, with its sights set on a society with no CO2 emissions, shows how the company aims to achieve a society in which mobility is based on electrified technologies. On this drive towards electrification, Toyota cooperates with companies that also aim to achieve a more efficient world.

Exolum is Europe’s leading logistics company for liquid products and one of the largest in the world. Its core business is the transport and storage of a wide range of bulk liquid products, particularly refined and chemical products and biofuels, in a sustainable and efficient manner. The company operates in new sectors, such as eco-fuels, the circular economy and the development of new energies, such as green hydrogen.

Both Exolum and Toyota carry out all their activities according to the commitment to minimise their environmental impact as much as possible by optimising the use of all their resources. In this respect, Exolum’s integrated strategy is aimed at reducing net GHG emissions, reinforcing biodiversity protection and the efficient use of resources, as well as collaborating on the development of advanced biofuels and the economy of renewable hydrogen fuels.

Furthermore, in San Fernando de Henares, Exolum is building the first plant in the Madrid region for the production and distribution of green hydrogen. The company has also established, together with Naturgy, the “Win4H2” alliance for the joint development of infrastructures for the supply of green hydrogen, which will use local production when necessary to facilitate mobility throughout Spain for vehicles powered by this sustainable fuel as well as favouring interconnections with France and Portugal.

With the delivery of the first second generation Mirai, Toyota España supports the project for the generation of green hydrogen in Madrid. The company has been striving for a source of clean and sustainable energy for several decades, developing and supporting all kinds of projects related to this aim. In this respect, Toyota supports key actions such as this project by Exolum where, moreover, hydrogen takes centre stage and plays an important role with a view to the future of mobility.

The second generation Mirai takes hydrogen fuel cell technology to new heights and it appeals more directly to its customers’ emotions, thanks to an eye-catching design and the offer of a more enjoyable driving experience. Thanks to a largely redesigned fuel cell system, a very smart configuration and better aerodynamic efficiency, it has a driving range of almost 650 km, emitting nothing but water vapour.