The OLC Project wins ´Downstream Project of the Year´award for 2018

The Muscat Sohar pipeline and the Al Jifnain depot in Oman, a project which came as a result of the joint venture created by CLH and Orpic, received the ‘Downsteam Project of the Year’ award at the Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards (RPME) that was celebrated on the 12th of the September in Dubai. Andrés Suárez, the General Manager of OLC, received the award on behalf of the company.

This pipeline, into which 336 million dollars have been invested, involves important logistic infrastructure which allows the transportation of more than 50% of the country’s fuel through the modern storage installation of Al Jifnain. As well as satisfying the future domestic demand for fuel, this project also contributes to the improvement of road safety and the reduction of pollution created by the movement of lorries in and around the capital, Muscat.

In addition, the impact on the local economy has seen 149 million dollars be spent on local purchases and contracts with small and medium-sized businesses in Oman. This figure represents 44% of the total cost of the project and signifies an important benefit to the economy of the country. Furthermore, the new Al Jifnain depot increases the country’s storage capacity of refined products by 70%.

The ‘Downstream Project of the Year’ prize is aimed at efficiency-improving projects that are revolutionary within the petrochemical product production and refinement industry, that also contribute to the increase in demand of these products in the Middle East.