The International University of La Rioja rewards the CLH Group for its reconciliation policy

  • The company received an award in recognition of its measures for promoting the work-life balance of its employees and their families.

The CLH Group is among the companies awarded in the first edition of the “Supercuidadores” Awards, given by the organisation UNIR Cuidadores, which belongs to the International University of La Rioja, in recognition of the actions implemented by the company “to facilitate work-life reconciliation for employees and to improve the quality of life of caregivers and dependent persons”.

The Human Resources and Labour Relations manager, Fernando Pastor, received the award on behalf of the CLH Group during a ceremony chaired by the general secretary of the IMSERSO (Spanish Institute for the Elderly and Social Services), Francisco Alfonso Ferrándiz, the managing director of UNIR Cuidadores, Aurelio López-Barajas, and the general manager of the health and wellbeing company Asiser (ASISA), Gaetano Battocchio.

CLH has more than 50 measures in place which are aimed at promoting the balance between the work, personal and family life of company employees and improving the wellbeing of society.

Among other initiatives in the area of caring for elderly, disabled or dependent people, the CLH Group has implemented the social action programme “Voluntarily”, through which employees receive benefits if they spend their leisure time for the benefit of other people and support charity projects organised by associations and NGOs. CLH also provides financial aid to employees with disabled family members, leaves of absence due to serious illness of a family member, which are longer than the limits established by regulations, and unpaid leave.

Furthermore, CLH has signed the Spanish Diversity Charter, by which it commits to raising awareness among its employees of equality and non-discrimination principles. It has also joined the INSERTA programme of the ONCE Foundation to favour the incorporation of disabled people in the company.

These measures, along with others, have contributed to the renewal by the CLH Group in 2014 of the “Family Responsible Company” certificate awarded by the Másfamilia Foundation, with an improvement on its previous score, and to its ranking 42nd in the 100 best companies to work for in Spain, according to the Merco People report.

UNIR Cuidadores is part of the UNIR Foundation, under the auspices of the International University of La Rioja, and is aimed at improving the quality of life of caregivers of elderly, disabled and dependent people.