The International Excellence Campus, Campus Iberus, and Exolum organise the 9th edition of the Iberus–Exolum ‘Emprende’ Awards

Awards amount to a total of 13,000 euros

The International Excellence Campus of the Ebro Valley, Campus Iberus, and Exolum are to organise the 9th edition of the Iberus-Exolum ‘Emprende’ Entrepreneurship Awards, with prizes amounting to 13,000 euros. The deadline for submission of projects is 7 October 2022.
These awards are the result of an agreement signed between these two entities for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the Ebro Valley based on the expertise developed at the Universities of Zaragoza, Navarra, Lleida and La Rioja.

For this 9th edition, amounting to a total of 13,000 euros, the purpose is to award business ideas based on knowledge and the most innovative company, as well as an additional award for the best solution to the challenge posed by Exolum.

AWARD FOR BUSINESS IDEA. This category consists of “Business ideas based on knowledge” and aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit, supporting the creation of new businesses by students and graduates of the universities belonging to Campus Iberus. Participants are entrepreneurs that have yet to create their business but have developed a business idea. The winner in this category will receive 4,000 euros.

INNOVATIVE COMPANY AWARD. This category aims to promote entrepreneurship by contributing to the recognition and consolidation of companies incorporated within the previous 48 months, regardless of their legal form and purpose, in the regions where they are based. The winner in this category will receive 7,000 euros.

AWARD FOR CHALLENGE RESOLUTION. This category, awarded with 2,000 euros, aims to promote the implementation of initiatives where business models focus on solving problems or overcoming restrictions that larger companies face. For this edition, the challenges are: 1) Technological developments and business models for low-carbon mobility, 2) Technological developments and business models for conversion of waste into energy and raw materials (WtX), and 3) Technological developments and business models in water production, treatment, distribution and supply. All candidates who submit projects for the two main programme categories can participate in solving these challenges.