The CLH Group sponsors the publication of the book “Blue Ice”

  • This initiative aims to contribute to the knowledge and preservation of the Antarctica, one of the most endangered areas on the planet due to climate change

The CLH Group has sponsored the publication of the book “Blue Ice”, an impeccable piece of work that includes impressive photographs of the Antarctica captured by the award-winning Italian photographer, Alex Bernasconi.

This piece of work, published by Turner publishing house, is full of striking images of icebergs and glaciers inhabited by colonies of penguins, elephant seals and flocks of albatross, giving us a better understanding of one of the most inaccessible areas on Earth, and one of the most endangered by climate change.

The book includes a presentation by the Chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, in which he maintains that Antarctica “has some of most incredible landscapes on our planet” and highlights the informational nature of the publication.

In addition, both the prologue and introduction were written by scientists, Julian Dowdeswell and Peter Clarkson, director and member emeritus of the Scott Polar Research Institute, one of the leading research centres for the Arctic and Antarctic, which belongs to the University of Cambridge.

Turner publishing house has also posted a video on CLH’s YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/FlK2Uz_JRWA), where the Chairman and other collaborators in the publication of the book explain their experience.

The company will use this book as a corporate gift for its stakeholders and it will also be distributed among company staff.

The publication of this book is part of the company’s commitment to the environment and its aim is to foster knowledge about the natural wealth of Antarctica, as well as collaborate in preserving it.

As part of its concern for environmental protection, the CLH Group has published several editions over the last few years related to the environment and devoted to a wide variety of subjects, such as pollen, seeds and fruits, monumental trees or Spanish landscapes.