The CLH Group invested more than 21 million euros in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia between 2007 and 2013

  • The Chairman of CLH, José Luis Lopez de Silanes, held a meeting today in Murcia with the President of the community, Alberto Garre, to inform him personally about the company's activities

During the 2007-2013 period, Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH, S.A. made investments in Murcia that amounted to over 21 million euros and have made it possible to ensure the readiness of its infrastructures for meeting this Community's fuel supply needs during the next decade.

One of the most important projects to be implemented during the 2007-2013 period was the expansion of the Cartagena facility, which required an expenditure of 5.5 million euros. This investment covered the construction of 5 new tanks with a total capacity of an additional 43,000 cubic metres, as well as other operational improvements.

The Cartagena storage facility is one of CLH's main oil product storage and distribution centres on the east coast. The plant is the head of the Cartagena-Alicante oil pipeline, is connected to the refinery that operates in this community and is able to dispatch or receive discharges of oil to or from tankers.

Another outstanding project carried out by the company during this period was the construction of the facilities required for being able to engage in the activity covering storage and distribution of aviation fuels and lubricants at Murcia International Airport, with a total investment of 4.5 million euros.

CLH presence in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia

Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH is the leading company in the Spanish market for the transportation and storage of oil products, with a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres long and 39 storage facilities that have a total capacity of 8 million cubic metres, as well as 28 airport facilities.

The CLH Group has one storage facility in Cartagena, which is connected to the refinery that operates in this community and is also fitted out for tankers to be able to discharge cargo there. The company also has one pumping station and a pipeline with a length of 104 km (50 of them in the Region of Murcia) that connects the Cartagena facility with the facility in Alicante.

Through its subsidiary CLH Aviación, CLH also supplies aviation fuel at San Javier airport and expects to be doing this in the near future at Murcia International Airport, where it has an airport facility and a fleet refuellers.

In 2013, the company supplied over 1.2 million cubic metres of fuel to the different oil operators through its facilities in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, in order to meet demand from the end users in this particular region.