The CLH Group donates a tank wagon to the Mora la Nova Railway Museum

  • This initiative falls within the scope of the company's Social Responsibility Policy

The CLH Group has donated a tank wagon to the Heritage Railway Museum of Mora la Nova (Tarragona), a body which is integrated into the Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia and is dedicated to the restoration and conservation of locomotives, cars, carriages and wagons from various historical periods.

The wagon was ordered by the company in 1957, when it operated under the CAMPSA brand, and has a capacity of 22,500 litres. Until the time of the transfer, it was in disuse, exposed in CLH's storage facility in Tarragona, because the company no longer transports oil products by rail, but through its network of pipelines.

The presentation ceremony was attended on behalf of the company by the director of the Tarragona facility, Irene Doñate, who congratulated the Railway Museum on "the excellent restoration work carried out" and expressed her satisfaction that the wagon would be "cared for by professionals and accessible to the public, as an example of the importance of trains to the development of the economy".

The event was also attended by other local authorities, such as the mayor of Móra la Nova, Francesc Moline; the president of APPFI (the Association for the Preservation of the Industrial Railway Heritage of Móra la Nova), Jordi Sasplugas; and the director of the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, Jaume Pernau.

This donation has been made under the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the CLH Group, in the context of which the company is working with its main stakeholders and local communities to implement projects for the benefit of society with regard to social action, culture, education, protection of the environment and entrepreneurship support.

The CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company for the transport and storage of petroleum products within the Spanish market. Within Spain, it owns a pipeline network more than 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters, as well as 28 airport facilities.

In Tarragona specifically, the company has a storage facility in the vicinity of the port, consisting of 22 tanks with a capacity of 98,000 m3. At this facility, an average of 95 trucks are loaded every day and they distribute the fuel to petrol stations and other consumers throughout Catalonia.

At the international level, CLH is present in the United Kingdom, where its subsidiary CLH-PS manages 2,000 13 kilometres of pipelines and storage facilities, with a capacity of the million cubic metres.

The company also operates the fuel storage terminal at Dublin Airport, where, through CLH Aviation Ireland, it offers reception, storage and A1 jet dispatch logistics services, in addition to expansion and modernisation of this infrastructure.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the company has teamed with Orpic to form a company named OLC, which has built and currently manages a logistics network of oil products consisting of a 300 km pipeline and a storage facility.

In addition, CLH Panama will soon begin to supply fuel to five airports in the country and manage their respective airport facilities, after being awarded the tender launched by the Panamanian Port Authority (AITSA).