The CLH Group and ADE award two new innovative projects from Castilla y León

The winners are the initiatives UBERBAUM INDUSTRIE and UNIKME GENETICS

The Chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, the President of the Agency for Business Innovation, Funding and Internationalisation of Castilla y León (ADE) and the Regional Minister of Economy and Employment of Castilla y León, Tomás Villanueva, have presented the Third Edition of the CLH Awards to the two best business projects of the ADE2020 Programme, during a ceremony held at the conference hall of the Boecillo Technological Park (Valladolid).

The winners are UBERBAUM INDUSTRIE, promoted by four entrepreneurs from Palencia, which proposes the development of drones for agricultural purposes to perform crop treatments and locate pests, and UNIKME GENETICS, submitted by two entrepreneurs from Ávila which, based on the study of genetic markers, analyses the capabilities of people who play sports and improves the efficiency of their training.

Apart from the awards, certificates of recognition were given during the ceremony to the ten initiatives that participated in this edition of the ADE2020 Programme.

During the ceremony, the expert on innovation Carlos Barrabés also participated with a conference entitled “Global Trends”, which reviewed the main world trends and analysed the business opportunities they generate.

The ADE2020 “Innovative project accelerator” programme is an ADE initiative that brings together a series of resources which it offers to selected innovative ideas, with the aim of transforming them into viable businesses in the shortest possible space of time. To achieve this, the accelerator offers entrepreneurs a team of professionals who provide a coaching service for the drawing up and deployment of the business plan. It also includes education and training in specific areas.

This project has made it possible to support 65 innovative business initiatives since 2012, which have generated in their early stages more than 130 jobs and obtained 3.5 million euros in external financing.

The collaboration between CLH and ADE is the result of the agreement entered into by both entities in 2014, enabling the company to award the most unique projects over the last three editions of the ADE2020 programme.

This agreement falls within the Entrepreneurship Support Policy started up by the company to contribute to the development of new ideas and to fostering a new spirit of entrepreneurship. This policy is applied on a nation-wide scale, with special emphasis on the towns where CLH has infrastructures.

Within this policy, the company has signed agreements to promote entrepreneurship with several institutions, such as the San Fernando de Henares local government, Madrid's Carlos III University and the Campus Iberus, an entity comprising the main universities in the Ebro Valley.

These and other courses of action have led to the CLH Group being awarded the "Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy Member Company 2013-2016" seal, which is granted by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security


The CLH Group has selected the two new prize-winners among this year’s ADE2020 initiatives.

The first project to be awarded is UBERBAUM INDUSTRIE, S.L. promoted by Miguel Ángel Sanz Vidal, Andrés Sanz Vidal, Alejandro Ferreras Ortega and Miguel Sanz Aceves, who work on the development of drones for different services, specialising in locating and treating pests. This company from Palencia adapts the drones to the proposed industrial purpose, aimed at a professional customer and with international projection in a growing market. Accessibility, precision, safety and cost savings are the inherent characteristics of the provision of services through drones.

The second project awarded is UNIKME GENETICS, S.L., developed by the entrepreneurs Darío Bengoechea and Alberto Martín de Juan. This company from Ávila meets the growing demand from amateur athletes to know their capacities. Athletes receive a kit at home with which to obtain a saliva sample which is sent away and analysed. A few days later they receive a simple, unique and life-long report with their genetic markers, providing enough information for the five areas related to sports: resistance, power/speed, fat mobilisation, injury predisposition and innate capacities. These personalised data help improve the effectiveness of training sessions and even assist in the selection of those sports where each person can achieve a better performance.