Six CLH Group harbour facilities renew their agreement of good environmental practices

  • The facilities commit to certifying the sustainability of their activities through external controls

The CLH Group installations in Santurce, Gijón, Barcelona, Ibiza, Porto Pi, Mahón and Algeciras have renewed their Agreements of Good Environmental Practices that will be maintained with the corresponding Port Authorities.

Through this agreement, the company agrees to promote the best environmental practices within these six facilities and to certify their compliance through periodical inspections, carried out by an independent specialist. As compensation, the Port Authorities will apply tax subsidies to the ports’ activities.

CLH Group is the market leader for the transport and storage of petroleum products in Spain. In our country we benefit from an oil pipeline network of more than 4,000 kilometres and 40 storage installations, of which 14 are connected to ports for the import and export of petroleum, located at the main points on the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts.

As part of its strategy to diversify its activities, the company is making an important investment to enhance its port facilities and to offer new services.
In addition, CLH Aviation manages 28 installations within the main airports of Spain, for the storage, distribution and loading of aircraft fuel.

At an international level, the company is active in Ireland, Oman, Panama and the United Kingdom. In order to continue growing and profiting from their experience in the logistics industry, CLH Group is currently developing an ambitious plan for international expansion.