Representatives from San Fernando’s local government, Exolum and the Real Madrid Foundation visit the social sports school for children located in the municipality

  •      The social sports school for football located in the city is now in its 13th season

San Fernando de Henares, 15 November 2023. The third deputy mayor of San Fernando de Henares, Cristina Cepeda, received the Real Madrid ambassador and coach of the ‘Under-19’ team, Álvaro Arbeloa, and Exolum’s Spain Region Lead, Jorge Guillén, at the social sports school for football aimed at integration, established in the city in 2010.

The delegation was able to see for themselves once again how the children continue to enjoy playing their favourite sport through a teaching methodology based on values for the integration of all children between the ages of 5 and 17, regardless of their circumstances and abilities. The children who participate in the project benefit from fully or partially subsidised activities thanks to Exolum’s support and the cooperation of both the sports and social services areas of the city council.

Cristina Cepeda said that this project makes both the local government and the locals proud, as important values like tolerance, equality and respect are transmitted through sports. Exolum’s representative, Jorge Guillén, stated that “for Exolum, this project embodies two pillars to which the company is strongly committed: diversity and inclusion, whilst promoting essential values such as tolerance and social cohesion, which play a fundamental role in today’s society”. For his part, Arbeloa said that “sports teaches values for life and a child’s right to play is a basic pillar for a person’s full development. For this reason, it forms part of the Sustainable Development Goals that we all share to build a better world”.