Jorge Lanza, Exolum’s CEO, highlights the essential role of biofuels in the energy transition of the heavy transport and maritime and air transportation sector

– With regard to the aviation sector, Lanza highlighted the potential of SAF, which reduces emissions by 80 % and is distributed by Exolum at the Madrid and Barcelona airports

During his intervention at Wake Up, Spain!, Exolum’s CEO, Jorge Lanza, stressed the importance of alternative fuel and the efficiency of combustion engines in the energy transition process. In the face of the challenges of decarbonisation in the maritime, aviation and heavy goods transportation sectors, Lanza pointed out the strategic role played by eco-fuels that offer accessible solutions based on innovation and reducing CO2 emissions while enabling the use of currently existing infrastructure and vehicles.

“Last year we began operating the first and, for the moment, only hydrogen station in the Madrid region. We aim to provide hydrogen transport and storage services. For this reason, we have also entered the hydrogen market in the US, the world leader in adapting those supply chains”, highlighted Lanza, who also emphasised the possibilities offered by ammonia. Exolum kicked off 2024 by purchasing 50 % of the largest ammonia storage, import and export terminal in the US, located on the Houston Channel. “We strive to be a relevant player in this transition by developing and operating the infrastructure required by these new energy solutions”, stated Lanza.

Exolum’s Chief Executive Officer also mentioned other initiatives carried out by the company relating to alternative fuel. “Our pipelines already transport HVO (pure biodiesel) and we are implementing pilot projects for hydrogen transport through liquid carriers, which increase safety because they are neither flammable nor toxic. This is an emerging technology that we are already promoting this year. We are also adapting our terminals at the main ports.”

Furthermore, Lanza discussed the decarbonisation of the aviation sector. “At Exolum we are adapting our infrastructure to the demand for clean fuels. For example, at the Madrid and Barcelona airports we can store and transport SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) by hydrant, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 80 %.” Exolum is present at 49 airports around the world.

Consolidation of global leadership

During his intervention, as part of the session entitled Industrial digitalisation and decarbonisation led by the banking sector, Jorge Lanza noted several key milestones in the company’s international expansion over the past few months. Namely, Exolum has secured the contract for the operation and maintenance of the fuel supply facilities at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and is currently developing a green hydrogen production plant and refuelling station at its Riverside terminal.

The fourth edition of Wake Up, Spain!, a forum devised as the “Spanish Davos”, was inaugurated by King Philip VI on Monday. This year, the event, which lasts until Friday, is entitled “Spain’s great opportunities in a changing Europe” and matters such as the economy, energy, geopolitics, health care and education will be discussed from the point of view of business leaders, experts and national and international institutions. Organised by the newspaper El Español, and particularly its Invertia and D+I sections, the sessions are held at the Linares Palace, home to the Casa de América, in Madrid. During the session, Jorge Lanza was interviewed by Alba Pérez.