Exolum transports sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Heathrow Airport in the UK

Exolum is set to transport sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via its pipeline network to London Heathrow Airport, the UK’s most important airport and one of the busiest in Europe.

Exolum has signed long-term contracts with the companies that market Jet A1 fuel in the United Kingdom to supply fuel to this airport, and the supply of SAF forms part of the agreement. Furthermore, the supply of this sustainable fuel by pipeline prevents the need to transport it by road or rail, thus reducing CO2 emissions even further.

The chemical composition of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is identical to that of conventional kerosene. It can be blended and used in existing aircraft engines and does not require any changes in infrastructure. Furthermore, it is an important factor in the reduction of emissions. The supply of this fuel to Heathrow Airport represents a major step towards meeting the target for decarbonisation of the aviation sector in the UK.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a second-generation fuel produced from organic waste (farming or forestry waste, urban waste, plastic, recycled oils, etc.). Therefore, sustainable aviation fuel represents an important example of circular economy.

Sustainable biofuels offer considerable advantages compared to conventional fuels. They are the best option to reduce CO2 emissions in the aviation industry since, over the course of their life cycle, they avoid up to 80% of these emissions.

The infrastructures of Exolum are prepared to receive, blend and store SAF and transport it via pipeline to the different connected airports. Furthermore, in Spain the company has launched the www.avikor.com platform which offers both individuals and companies the chance to fly more sustainably by reducing the emissions of their flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

In the UK, Exolum has a pipeline system of 2,000 km and 24 storage terminals with a capacity of almost 2.5 million cubic metres. The company provides fuel storage and transport services to different military facilities and commercial airports around the country, such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester.