Exolum joins Forética to continue to promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility

– With this alliance, Exolum takes a step further in its environmental, social and corporate governance strategy, which is reflected in its ESG Master Plan

Exolum, a leading liquid product logistics company, has joined Forética, a benchmark organisation comprising companies and professionals which focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Spain and Latin America. By joining this organisation, Exolum takes a step further in its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, which is reflected in its Sustainability Master Plan, with the aim of maximising the company’s positive contribution to society and the environment. Moreover, in order to respond to today’s most pressing challenges, the company will participate in the Social Impact, Climate Change and Transparency, Good Governance and Integrity clusters.

Sustainability is strategic to Exolum and is embedded in both its values and its corporate purpose: “To contribute to the progress of a sustainable society by developing and operating the infrastructures required for the mobility and industry of the future.”

With 25 years of history, Forética is composed of 200 members, consisting of large companies committed to sustainability (including state-owned companies, family-owned businesses and multinationals), SMEs and NGOs. Forética focuses on implementing the integration of social, environmental and good governance matters in the strategy and management of companies and organisations, promoting responsible and sustainable leadership. It is the Spanish representative on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and leads the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, which is composed of the chairs and CEOs of leading Spanish companies.

According to Cristina Jaraba, Exolum’s Global People Lead, “At Exolum we are very happy to join Forética as it represents another milestone in our determined commitment to ESG values, as reflected in our Sustainability Master Plan. We believe that Forética will help us strengthen our performance in sustainability by learning and sharing best practices with other companies and institutions in order to boost our agenda and to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

Germán Granda, Forética’s general manager, also added: “By joining us, Exolum has entered a partner ecosystem that has a triple objective: to increase business ambition in sustainability, to accelerate action to address ESG matters, and to promote alliances that enable a sustainable, green and inclusive recovery.”