Exolum and the Spanish Engineering Institute (IIE) create a partnership to promote new lines of research in the framework of the energy transition

The partnership promotes university-business collaboration with the aim of designing new solutions for the decarbonisation of the economy

Exolum together with 30 universities in 14 Spanish regions have implemented a pioneering process for technology collaboration between university and business to foster research into new forms of decarbonisation. This was achieved with the assistance of the ‘Forum for University-Business Technology Partnerships’ created by the University, Training and Business-IIE Committee.

To launch the partnership, representatives of Exolum and the Spanish Engineering Institute held a symposium on 2 March, which was attended by 40 research groups and Research-Innovation-Transfer managers from the universities.

At the event, Exolum presented five Priority Technology Lines (PTLs) involving Green H2 production, H2 storage and transportation, decarbonisation and energy storage. During the session, there was extensive discussion and high-level technology exchange between the university research groups and the company’s technology leaders.

Following the symposium, heads of the research groups who are interested will forward details of the projects they are working on to Exolum in what are known as ‘technology fact sheets’ outlining their experience and capability for collaborating on one of the five Priority Technology Lines (PTLs) identified by the organisation.

Based on this information, and the discussions at the symposium, specific meetings will be held between the company’s technology leaders and the relevant research groups to further technology collaboration on the lines that fit with Exolum’s priorities.