Exolum and the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia recognise to the best entrepreneurial projects in the region

The three winning projects were selected from among the twelve winners of the Entrepreneur of the Month Awards, and a total of €12,000 will be awarded to support project development.

Earlier today, Exolum’s chairman, José Luis López de Silanes, and Joaquín Gómez, president of the Promotion Institute (Info), chaired the announcement of the decision regarding the INFO-Exolum Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. These regional awards are aimed at identifying, recognising and supporting innovative businesses with an outstanding growth potential.

The 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award went to the project presented by BEMYVEGA, a company focused on the development of equipment and software for monitoring presentations, classes, lectures, conferences or events which are designed to offer universal accessibility to the contents of such events, both on and off-site, for everyone, particularly people with visual or hearing impairments.

The assessment committee gave the second prize to READYME, a developer of ordering platforms for restaurants that enables them to operate in the online sales channel with their own brand. And the third prize was awarded to PAMIPE, an e-commerce platform for dog food subscription service.

The three winning projects were chosen from amongst the 12 winners of the Entrepreneur of the Month distinction granted by the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia (INFO) each month over the last year. A total of €12,000 will be given to help them develop their projects.

Jose Luis López Silanes, Exolum’s chairman, encouraged all candidates “to innovate and to work on your projects with the same passion as if it were the first day so that, with everybody’s effort, we are able to dynamize the economy and contribute to overcoming the current situation.” For his part, Joaquín Gómezstated that “apart from the financial prize, which is particularly relevant for business initiatives and for which we are thankful to Exolum, the recognition and distinction of the business project and of the people that lead those initiatives, which show a high level of innovation and technology, is even more important, if that is possible”.

This collaboration falls within Exolum’s Entrepreneurship Support Policy to contribute to the development of innovative projects and to fostering a new spirit of entrepreneurship. This policy is applied nationwide, and is particularly relevant in the communities in which the company is present.

For six years now, Exolum and INFO have maintained this collaboration agreement aimed at supporting the entrepreneurs in the region and contributing to the creation of local companies and jobs.