CLH and the Royal Spanish Federation of Automobile sign a collaboration agreement

  • The agreement covers the organisation of training, consulting and research activities, or any other action that may be of interest to both parties

CLH’s Corporate Technical Director, Javier Alonso, and the President of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation (RFEdeA), Manuel Aviñó, have signed a collaboration agreement to organise training, consulting and research activities, or any other type of action that may be of interest to both parties.

This agreement encompasses different collaboration channels including projects related to the manufacturing, supply, quality control or technical assistance with regards to competition fuels; the organisation of training activities such as congresses or seminars; the development of studies and research projects in those areas considered of common interest or mutual counselling on issues related to the activities undertaken by both parties.

The CLH Group is the leading company in the transport and storage of petroleum products in the Spanish market. In our country, it boasts a network of pipelines stretching over 4,000 kilometres and 40 storage facilities with a total capacity of 8 million cubic metres, as well as 28 airport facilities. Around the world, the company has a presence in the UK, Ireland, Oman and Panama.

CLH offers wide expertise, technical know-how, infrastructure and resources related to fuel technology and fuel quality control through its network of laboratories.

Furthermore, CLH’s Central Laboratory is currently one of the laboratories recognised by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) in its Technical List no. 2 for fuel analysis. On a national level, it is also the reference laboratory for the analysis of fuel for all the competitions organised by the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation.