CLH and the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia host the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony

  • The judges recognised the Entomo Agroindustrial, Wefish (Ipak Software Developments) and Pequeña Moma projects

The Chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Regional Minister for Employment, Universities, Business and the Environment in the Region of Murcia, Javier Celdrán Lorente, presented the fourth edition of the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards this morning. These awards acknowledge the best three entrepreneurial projects in the Region, in order to foster their consolidation and growth.

The three winning projects were chosen from amongst the winners of the Entrepreneur of the Month distinction granted by the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia (INFO) each month over the last year. 

During the awards ceremony, the Chairman of the CLH Group congratulated the winners and finalists “for the high quality and variety of the proposals submitted”, and highlighted the fact that these awards are particularly relevant for CLH “because they enable us to show society how we cooperate on important projects such as the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of business”.

Winning projects

First prize was awarded to Entomo Agroindustrial, a project based on breeding the Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) for conversion into organic matter for the production of flour containing high quality protein (for use in animal feed and food), chitin (for water purification, agriculture, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries) and fats (for industrial oils and detergents).

The assessment committee granted second prize to the Wefish application, a project by Ipak Software Developments, in which amateurs in the fishing sector can record their activities and share their experiences with other fishers.

Third prize went to Pequeña Moma, a fashion, accessories, footwear and decoration business that began with one shop in Cartagena and now has several shops across Murcia, San Javier, Albacete, Córdoba, Malaga and Madrid, in addition to an online shop.

Entrepreneurship Support Policy 

The cooperation between the CLH Group and INFO is part of the company’s Entrepreneurship Support Policy, which aims to contribute to the development of innovative projects and stimulate the creation of new businesses and jobs. This policy is applicable nationwide, and is particularly relevant in the communities in which the company is present.

In line with this philosophy, CLH has agreements in place to foster entrepreneurship with numerous institutions, such as the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and Campus Iberus, in which the universities of Zaragoza, Lleida and La Rioja, and the public university of Navarra, are members.

About CLH Group 

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market. In Spain, it has a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with capacity for 8 million cubic metres, as well as being present at the main airports in Spain.

In the Region of Murcia, the company has a storage facility in Cartagena and some 50 kilometres of pipeline that connect this facility to the one in Alicante. 

At the international level, the company is developing an ambitious expansion plan, and is now present in four countries: the UK, Oman, Ireland and Panama.