CLH and Inkolan sign an agreement to make the digital information of its pipeline network available online

  • The CLH pipeline network will be available on this platform quickly and easily?
  • Inkolan is a consortium comprising most of the major Spanish utility operators and is a pioneer in making information on water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and municipal infrastructure networks available online

CLH and Inkolan have signed an agreement to make all the digitalised information of the CLH network available to any entities that request it via the platform www.inkolan.com

Therefore, city councils, building and engineering companies, or other entities performing works in the surrounding areas of the pipelines may download digital information on the CLH infrastructure in a controlled, reliable, easy and immediate manner.

Such system provides public and private developers and builders with essential support to successfully and seamlessly carry out their projects, as precise knowledge of network layouts minimises risks and potential incidents on existing conduits in public areas.

Furthermore, this procedure makes it possible to standardise the traceability of all information requests on their networks made by third parties that require such details. By using the Administrator profile on this portal, which is available to the participants in the Inkolan project, every information download generates a specific datasheet identifying who, where, what for, for whom and when such information is required.

The CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market and the second largest logistics operator in Europe in terms of the extension of its pipeline network and storage capacity.

In Spain, it has a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres in length and 39 terminals with capacity for about 8 million cubic metres, as well as being present at the main Spanish airports. At the international level, the company is developing an ambitious expansion plan and conducts its business in the UK, Oman, Ireland, Panama and Ecuador.


Inkolan is a consortium comprising most of the major utility operators.  It engages in the online supply of digital information through its platform on water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and municipal infrastructure networks.

The most important electricity, gas, telecommunications and water suppliers in Spain, as well as a wide network of city councils, make their information available to Inkolan.