Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Our management system is based on good corporate governance criteria.


General meeting of Shareholders

CLH General Shareholders' Meeting, 5th May 2022
Notice of Meeting
Recommendations for the holding of the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting 2022 in view of the current health situation arising from the SARS-CoV-2 virus
Full text of the proposed resolutions
Audit Report, Annual Accounts and Exolum Consolidated Group Management Report 2021
Audit Report, Annual Accounts and CLH Management Report 2021
Report on the proposal to change the company name and other Articles of Association modifications
Total number of shares and voting rights
Methods and procedures for proxy voting
Information about how the meeting progressed

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Exolum Corporation, S.A. comprises 21 members.



At Exolum Corporation, S.A., we have 2 committees: an audit committee and an appointments and remuneration committee .

Governance rules

Here you will find the documents setting out the most important governance rules for the Exolum Group:

Exolum Corporation, S.A. Articles of Association
Exolum Corporation, S.A. Board of Directors’ Regulations
Exolum Group Code of Conduct