The Regional Minister of Employment, Universities and Business of the Murcia Region visits the CLH storage facility in Cartagena

  • Also during the visit, CLH and INFO signed a renewal of their collaboration agreement for the promotion and development of initiatives to support entrepreneurs in the Murcia region

Earlier today, the Regional Minister of Employment, Universities and Business of the Murcia Region, Juan Hernández, accompanied by the chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, visited the CLH storage facility in Cartagena for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with the operations at the plant and its monitoring and environmental protection systems.

Also during the visit, Juan Hernández and José Luis López de Silanes signed the renewal of the agreement between CLH and the Promotion Institute of the Murcia Region (INFO) for the promotion and development of initiatives to support entrepreneurs in the Murcia region through the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Thanks to this collaboration, three entrepreneurs will be awarded, selected from the twelve winners of the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Month Award given by the INFO, aimed at contributing to the consolidation of entrepreneurial projects. The INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Award has already been presented on two occasions to projects from six different companies in the region.

This collaboration is part of the Entrepreneurship Support Policy developed by the CLH Group to contribute to innovation, the promotion of new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The policy is applied across Spain, and particularly in those areas where the company has infrastructures.

As part of this Policy, CLH currently develops entrepreneurship support programmes together with the Agency for Business Innovation, Funding and Internationalisation of Castilla y León (ADE) and with the universities that comprise the Campus Iberus.

CLH in Cartagena

The storage facility in Cartagena is one of the main oil product storage and distribution centres of CLH in the Eastern region of Spain. The plant is the head of the Cartagena-Alicante pipeline, it is connected to the refinery operating in the region and can dispatch and receive hydrocarbons by tanker vessel.

The facility has 26 tanks with a total capacity of over 622,000 cubic metres and an automated loading area for road tankers with 9 loading racks and 34 loading arms which is operational 24/7 and 365 days per year. The plant is also equipped with the latest technology, enabling fully automated operation and control from a monitoring room.

These facilities have the most advanced safety systems in place, which are adapted to the particular features of the fuels, in addition to a continuous automated surveillance system and several prevention systems, safety distances between tanks and bunding, in addition to floating screens in tanks and overflow prevention systems.

The protection of the environment is also present at the facility. The plant holds the ISO 14001 environmental certification from AENOR and has several environmental protection systems in place, such as the rainwater collection network separated from the hydrocarbon-polluted system, a hydrocarbon-polluted water treatment system, vapour recovery unit, tanks with floating screens and bunding.

In the region, the CLH Group also manages a pumping station and nearly 50 kilometres of pipeline connecting the plant in Cartagena with the storage facility in Alicante.

Furthermore, CLH supplies fuel to the San Javier airport through its subsidiary CLH Aviación. For this purpose, it has an airport facility and a fleet of refuelling units.

In 2016, the company supplied over 2 million cubic metres of fuel to the different oil operators in the region to meet end-user demand, in addition to civil and military airports in the region.

CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market. In Spain, it has a pipeline network of over 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with capacity for 8 million cubic metres, as well as 28 airport facilities.

Internationally, the company is present in the United Kingdom, through its subsidiary CLH-PS, where it manages 2,000 kilometres of oil pipelines and 16 storage facilities with a capacity of one million cubic metres.

In Ireland, the company manages the fuel storage facility at Dublin airport. Through CLH Aviation Ireland Ltd., it provides Jet A1 receipt, storage and dispatch logistics services, in addition to carrying out the expansion and modernisation of the infrastructure.

CLH is also developing a major project in the Sultanate of Oman, where it has established a company named OLC in conjunction with Orpic, which is building a pipeline and a storage facility.