The International Energy Agency highlights the efficiency and flexibility of the Spanish oil product logistics system

  • The IEA also highlights the transparency of Spain’s logistics system

In its report “Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Spain – 2015 Review” presented today in Madrid, the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights the “flexibility and efficiency” of the Spanish oil product logistics system.

This organisation points out in its report that one of the main advantages of the Spanish system is that “transport and storage services are integrated, making products available in any of its storage facilities”.

The IEA also defines the Spanish pipeline network as an open system where “third-party access is guaranteed by means of a negotiated procedure which has non-discriminatory, transparent and objective technical and economic conditions; in addition, the prices charged must be made public”.

As for storage services, the report also highlights that it is “a competitive market with growing capacity and many players”. In this regard, the report comments that “storage services are offered by 41 companies at 138 sites (including airports)”, and points out that “most of the storage sites, including the largest ones, are connected to Spain’s CLH pipeline network.”

The presentation ceremony for the report, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, was attended by the Minister himself, José Manuel Soria, the Secretary of State for Energy, Alberto Nadal and the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Maria van der Hoeven, who presented the report.