The delisting takeover bid by CLH is completed

The delisting takeover bid by CLH targeting its shares has been settled with the payment of the corresponding amount to the shareholders who have decided to participate in the takeover bid, representing 71.52% of the total number of shares effectively targeted. The price paid in the takeover bid was 46.39 euros per share, amounting to a total of 19.8 million euros.

In November, the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) authorised the delisting takeover bid submitted by CLH, targeting the shares listed on the stock exchanges, which had been approved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting held in June.  

The takeover bid targeted all the Company’s shares admitted to trading on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia stock exchanges, in particular, 90,000 Class A shares and 1,689,049 Class D shares, representing 2.54% of CLH’s share capital. Of these shares, 90,000 Class A shares and 1,090,259 Class D shares had been blocked, and therefore the takeover bid effectively targeted 598,790 Class D shares, representing 0.85% of the share capital, owned by minority shareholders.

Of these 598,790 shares, 428,237 shares have accepted the offer (0.61% of the total share capital of CLH), therefore only 0.24% of the Company’s share capital (170,553 shares) continues to be held by minority shareholders.