The CLH Group and the regional government of Castilla y León award the best innovative projects of the region

  • The company has awarded the ideas submitted by Fundeen Management Project, Lithe Apparel, The Global Sharing Company Kolaboo and Nagami Design

The chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Regional Minister of the Economy and Treasury of Castilla y León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, have presented the CLH Entrepreneurship Awards to the companies Fundeen Management Project, Lithe Apparel, The Global Sharing Company Kolaboo and Nagami Design, which submitted the best projects in the 13th and 14th edition of ADE 2020.

The ADE 2020 “Innovative project accelerator” programme is an initiative of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) aimed at helping entrepreneurs develop their innovative ideas and make them into business opportunities. 

The ADE 2020 programme takes place twice a year, selecting around ten initiatives each time for their innovation and growth potential and their prospects for future sustainability.

This initiative includes training and coaching for developing and implementing the business plan, in addition to advice and support for commercialisation, and even seeking public funding and attracting private investment.

The CLH Group and ICE have had a collaboration agreement in place since 2014, which has enabled the company to award the most unique projects from the latest editions of the ADE 2020 programme as part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network promoted by the regional government of Castilla y León.

Projects awarded in the 13th and 14th edition

The panel decided to give the CLH Entrepreneurship Awards to:  

-Fundeen, a crowdfunding platform created in Ávila where individuals can invest in renewable energy projects for as little as 500 euros. 

-Lithe Apparel, a company from Burgos that produces and sells sport technical clothing with a modern design and optimum performance.

-The Global Sharing Company Kolaboo, a company from Valladolid offering a comparison engine for tours and touristic activities at a chosen destination. 

-Nagami Design, a company from Ávila that applies 3D design and robotics to furniture manufacturing and decoration. 

Entrepreneurship Support Policy

The collaboration between the CLH Group and the ICE is part of the company's Entrepreneurship Support Policy, which strives to contribute to the development of innovative projects and foster a new entrepreneurial spirit. This policy is applied on a nation-wide scale, with special emphasis on the towns where CLH has infrastructures.

As part of this policy, the company has signed agreements to foster entrepreneurship with numerous institutions, such as the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia or Campus Iberus, an entity to which the main universities in the Ebro Valley belong.