The Chairman of the CLH Group participates in the “World Quality Day” organised by the AEC

  • The Chairman of CLH, José Luis López de Silanes, spotlighted in his presentation the power of quality as a strategic feature in fostering change and improving competitiveness

The Chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, participated earlier today in the conferences organised by the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) on the occasion of World Quality Day under the motto of "Quality Transforms".

In his presentation, the Chairman of CLH highlighted that “The quest for total quality represents a powerful factor for change, which can completely transform not only a company, but also a country as a whole”.

In this sense, he insisted that Spain “is experiencing a paradigmatic change and a transition process of enormous complexity in which the connecting factor for tackling the challenges facing us must be a wide-ranging, comprehensive view of quality which takes into account companies' responsibility toward their communities and their different stakeholders”.

Thus, José Luis López de Silanes asserted that “the sustainability and survival of a company and of the society in which it is present must inevitably entail becoming increasingly competitive, and this can only be accomplished through ongoing improvements in quality, in addition to developing policies that foster innovation and productive activity”.

This conference was attended by more than 400 Spanish leaders, including representatives of the European Parliament, UNESA, ANFAC, Gamesa, HP and Roca Salvatella, to name a few.