OLC, subsidiary of CLH, inaugurated the Muscat-Sohar pipeline and the Al Jefnain terminal in Oman

  • OLC, subsidiary of CLH, inaugurated the Muscat-Sohar pipeline and the Al Jefnain terminal in Oman

Both the MSPP pipeline and the Al Jefnain storage facility are fully operational
Orpic Logistics Company (OLC), a joint venture created by Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (CLH) and Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries (Orpic), has inaugurated the Muscat-Sohar pipeline and the Al Jefnain terminal in Oman.

This pipeline, into which 336 million dollars have been invested, represents a key logistics infrastructure, allowing more than 50% of the country’s fuel to be transported and contributing to improved road safety and greater efficiency and sustainability by reducing the number of road tankers in and around the capital, Muscat.

The MSPP Project (Muscat Sohar Product Pipeline) is a multi-product, bi-directional pipeline that uses 290 kilometres of pipelines to connect the Mina Al Fahal and Sohar Orpic refineries to the Al Jefnain storage and distribution facility, as well as to Muscat International airport, which receives aviation fuel directly via pipeline.

In his speech, the CEO of CLH, Jorge Lanza, thanked ORPIC for the opportunity to participate in this project in Oman and stressed that "we have proven to ourselves, and to the industry, that we have cutting-edge experience and are able to develop successfully in new countries and environments such as Oman. The MSPP project is a significant milestone in the history of our company and we believe that it will open doors to new opportunities. CLH is committed to the development of the economy and talent of Oman, and we hope to continue to undertake more projects together, both in Oman and the surrounding area".

The Vice President of Orpic, H.E. Sultan bin Salim Al Habsi, said "We are proud to inaugurate such an important strategic project as the Muscat Sohar Product Pipeline (MSPP) and the Al Jefnain terminal. This project responds to the government’s strategic goals for the development of logistics systems for petroleum products in the Sultanate which will cover the growing demand for fuels. "

The MSPP pipeline is divided into three sections: from the Mina Al Fahal refinery to the facility in Al Jefnain, measuring 45 km (10 inches); from the Sohar refinery to the Al Jefnain facility, measuring 220 km (18 inches), and a third branch that goes from the Al Jefnain facility to Muscat International Airport, measuring 25 km (10 inches). In addition, this new network has satellite control systems and advanced safety and environmental protection.

On the other hand, the Al Jefnain storage facility, located in the vicinity of Muscat, is a centre for storage and distribution of petroleum products with a capacity of more than 170,000 cubic metres and 16 loading racks. At this facility, an average of 700 trucks are loaded every day, carrying fuel to service stations. This new infrastructure increases the country’s refined products storage capacity by 70%.

CLH and Orpic

The CLH Group is the leading company for transportation and storage of petroleum products within the Spanish market. In Spain it has a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres long, 40 storage facilities with a capacity of 8 million cubic metres, and 28 airport facilities.

Internationally, the company operates in the UK, where its subsidiary CLH-PS manages 2,000 kilometres of pipelines and 16 storage facilities, with one million cubic metres of capacity.

The company also operates the fuel storage terminal at Dublin Airport. Through CLH Aviation Ireland Ltd., it offers reception, storage and Jet A1 dispatch logistics services, and is also carrying out the expansion and modernisation of this infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Orpic (Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company) is one of the leading companies in Oman and has two refineries in the country, in Sohar and Muscat. Orpic is owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and Oman Oil Company SAOC, the trading company created by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman to manage investments in the energy sector.