Energy companies promote the Energía Positiva+ initiative to mitigate the impact of coronavirus through innovation

  • The purpose of this pioneering platform in Spain is to support startups in the development of projects from an energy perspective and relating to environmental sustainability, mobility, social impact, digitalisation, telecommunications and 4.0
  • The initiative, promoted by Enagás, Red Eléctrica, CLH, Iberdrola, BP, IT InnoEnergy and Acciona, is open to the participation of other companies and entities

Several companies of the Spanish energy sector have joined forces to fight together against the effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus in Spain. For such purpose, they have created Energía Positiva+ (Positive+ Energy), a pioneering initiative in Spain, as it uses innovation as the main tool to offer efficient responses to contribute to mitigating the financial and social impact of COVID-19.

This platform is promoted initially by Red Eléctrica, Enagás, CLH, Iberdrola, BP, EIT InnoEnergy and Acciona, and entities such as Startup Olé, ASCRI, El Referente and Socios Inversores have already confirmed their collaboration. However, the platform is open to other companies and organisations that wish to join in.

The participating entities, through their subsidiaries or technology departments/corporate venturing teams, have launched this urgent call to attract and financially support startups and scaleups with innovative projects that can be implemented immediately and developed within a maximum period of one year. The projects supported should be related, from an energy perspective, to environmental sustainability, mobility, social impact, digitalisation, telecommunications and 4.0, and should contribute to the mitigation of the financial and social effects caused by COVID-19 in Spain.

Each company will support at least one startup/scaleup by providing financing for the development of the project or by making available innovation tools, investment, commercial development and structure.

The period for receiving proposals starts today and will remain open until 19 April. The aim is to expedite the selection process as much as possible so that projects can be put into operation from the second half of May. For information regarding Energía Positiva+, click here.