CLH receives the COASHIQ award for Safety Management

This award recognises the efforts made by the company to close 2014 with no occupational accidents at its work centres

CLH has received the Award for Safety Management, granted every year by COASHIQ (Autonomous Commission for Safety and Hygiene in the Workplace for Chemical and Related Industries), in recognition of its “excellent results in occupational risk prevention during 2014.”

The Assistant Manager of Risk Prevention, Environmental Affairs and Safety of the CLH Group, Santiago Fernández, received the award during a ceremony held today in Barcelona, as part of the 90th Technical Meeting-Seminar of this entity. 

The purpose of the COASHIQ awards is to promote improvement in prevention in companies that operate in chemical and related industries, as well as to strengthen safety policies in occupational matters.

In line with this objective, CLH has been awarded thanks to the improvement in its safety figures for 2014, which enabled it to close that year with zero accidents at its work centres, the best result in its more than 85 years of history. The company, which has an average workforce of 1,225 employees, managed to close 2014 with no accidents recorded at its 39 facilities across Spain, which represents nearly 1.8 million working hours.

CLH Aviación also came very close to achieving this objective. Specifically, it closed 2014 with three occupational accidents, two with leave and one without leave, which represents a reduction of 25% compared to 2013 and its best safety figure in recent years.

This improvement in safety is the result of the implementation of the programme “Zero is possible”, a project that the company launched in 2008 to eliminate occupational accidents through the establishment of a new risk prevention culture.

The development of this programme has resulted in a high number of awareness-raising activities and campaigns among the workforce, enabling the company to achieve the strategic objective of “zero accidents”, initially expected for 2016.

COASHIQ is a non-profit business organisation, which brings together more than 200 companies in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries. Its purpose is to promote safer processes and companies and people that are more aware of occupational health and safety.