CLH joins forces with Castellví de Rosanes Council to promote digital knowledge and physical activity among older people in the municipality

  • This agreement is part of the CLH Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Facility Manager for Tarragona, Adriá Mañé, and the Mayor of Castellví de Rosanes, Joan Carles Almirall, have signed a partnership agreement for the funding of projects to improve the digital literacy of older people in addition to the development of activities to promote active ageing among the population of this municipality.

This agreement falls within the CLH Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in which the company works together with its interest groups to undertake projects which are beneficial to society and are related to social action, education, protecting the environment, culture and supporting enterprise.

Around five kilometres of pipeline run through the area around Castellví de Rosanes, connecting the CLH hydrocarbon storage facilities located in Tarragona, Barcelona and Girona. This important connection line safeguards the provision of hydrocarbons to the community.

The CLH Group

The CLH Group is the Spanish market leader in the transportation and storage of oil products. Within Spain, the company has a network of pipelines measuring more than 4,000 kilometres in length in addition to 40 storage facilities.

As part of its strategy to diversify its activities, the company is making an important investment effort to enhance its port facilities and to provide new services.

In addition to this, CLH Aviación manages 28 facilities in the most important airports in Spain, where it handles the storage and distribution of fuels and the into-plane fuelling of aircraft.

On an international level, the company has a presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman and Panama. CLH Group is developing an ambitious international expansion plan as part of its objective to continue growing and drawing upon its experience in the logistics sector.