CLH improves its pipeline monitoring system using artificial intelligence and satellite technology

  • The new system improves infrastructure surveillance and optimises data analysis, making the process more efficient

CLH has improved its pipeline monitoring system by incorporating artificial intelligence and satellite technology, thus enhancing the security and reliability of the infrastructure.

To monitor the infrastructure, CLH has a 24-hour surveillance system in place whereby the entire network is monitored from the pipeline monitoring centre. The system is backed up by field inspections of the route along which the pipeline runs and the surrounding areas. The entire pipeline network is also monitored via satellite to ensure greater security throughout the system.

To further enhance this work, improve safety and maximise data performance, the company has incorporated automated satellite imagery analysis using visual computing techniques, deep learning and geographic information systems.

Furthermore, using business analytics techniques, the system allows frequency rates to be added with ease and special attention to be paid to areas highlighted by the predictive models.

This new tool, fed by satellite images and supervised by an artificial intelligence model, complements traditional linear infrastructure monitoring methodology and makes it more efficient.

In addition, the system provides an up-to-date graphical representation of the state of the pipeline network, allows the display to be tailored to the needs of each organisational level and all infrastructure information to be stored in one place.