CLH Group CEO highlights importance oil derivatives will continue to have in future

  • Jorge Lanza has participated in the 2nd Conference on “The Challenges of the Iberian Energy Market” held in Lisbon

CLH Group’s CEO, Jorge Lanza, has participated in the 2nd Conference on “The Challenges of the Iberian Energy Market”, organised in Lisbon by the Portuguese-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the consultancy firm KPMG.

During his involvement in the discussion panel on Iberian infrastructures and interconnections with Europe, Jorge Lanza highlighted the importance that oil derivatives will continue to have in the future, both in Europe and the Iberian market. He said this was in spite of the new regulations on climate change or the rise in alternative products: “The transition is going to take its time. Currently internal combustion engines have greater energy efficiency and are easier to refuel than other emerging energies. This goes without mentioning the growing demand for aviation fuel, for which we have no alternative.”

With regard to infrastructures, he underlined the fact that the Iberian Peninsula has the logistical systems to ensure supply: “Over the last decade, the Iberian sector made great investments in both infrastructures and refineries. In the case of CLH, we have a network which is over 4,000 kilometres long and 40 storage facilities which are perfectly sized to meet the requirements of the coming years.”

Jorge Lanza also referred to the future challenges of the oil industry, including the need to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness, hence the need for greater clarity in future regulations “that allow us to properly plan infrastructure use,” as well as common European policies “that facilitate greater coordination between countries.”

Before finishing up, he spoke of the CLH Group’s willingness “to continue collaborating with the rest of the market agents to ensure a safe supply and competitiveness in our sector.”

The 2nd Conference on “The Challenges of the Iberian Energy Market” brought together representatives from the main companies and bodies of the energy sector in Spain and Portugal in Lisbon. Among other authorities, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, opened the gathering, while the Portuguese Secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, spoke at the closing session.