CLH Aviation starts offering fuel supply services at Panama’s main airport

  • CLH Panama has successfully begun operation, maintenance and into-plane fuelling activities at Tocumen International Airport, one of the continent’s leading airports 
  • CLH’s affiliate company is also present at Panamá Pacífico and Río Hato-Scarlett Martínez and will shortly begin operations at Enrique Jiménez de Colón and Enrique Malek airports

CLH Panama, an affiliate company of CLH Aviation, has started operation, maintenance and into-plane fuelling services at Tocumen International Airport. This airport serves the Panamanian capital and is considered one of the most important on the continent, with close to 40 airlines that fly to 80 destinations in 35 European and American countries.

The company has also begun operations at Panamá Pacífico and Río Hato-Scarlett Martinez airports. In addition, operations are due to begin at Enrique Jiménez de Colón airport in October and shortly at Enrique Malek airport.

In order to provide the highest operational standards, CLH Panama has renewed all its equipment, hired close to 100 people and incorporated 45 new supply vehicles, including refuelling units, dispenser vehicles and hydrant cars, manufactured specifically for this project.

The CLH Aviation Panamanian affiliate was contracted to operate these five airports at the end of last year, following the competition organised by the Government of Panama. The competition was later ratified by the AITSA Board of Directors and countersigned by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Under this agreement, CLH Panama will take charge of fuel storage facilities management at these five airports, as well as into-plane fuelling service, following a concession regime over 10 years and as a sole operator. The company will also construct a new service station in the Tocumen airport terminal, which will enable it to improve its efficiency.

CLH Aviation is an IATA Strategic Partner and is a member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), where the company actively participates in the Technical Forum and in the Operations Committee. This involves applying the best international practices to operations and safety management, occupational health and environmental management.

CLH Aviation also participates in various committees and subcommittees of the Energy Institute and is an Affiliate Member of ALTA (the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association).

About CLH Group

CLH Group is the leading company in fuel product transport and storage within the Spanish market. It is also the second most important logistical operator in Europe due to the extent of its pipeline network and its storage capacity.

In Spain, CLH Group operates a pipeline network of over 4,000km in length and 40 storage facilities with a capacity of 8 million cubic metres. The company also has 28 airport facilities, situated in the main Spanish airports such as Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Málaga.

Internationally, the company is developing an ambitious expansion plan and is already present in four countries: the United Kingdom, Oman, Ireland and Panama. It also recently announced an agreement to develop a new project in Mexico.

In the United Kingdom, the company manages a 2,000-kilometre pipeline network, the largest in the country, and 13 storage facilities.

In Oman, in association with Orpic, CLH has built, and now operates, a pipeline network and a storage facility.

In Ireland, CLH Aviation operates the fuel storage terminal in Dublin Airport and is currently extending and modernising this infrastructure.

In Mexico, CLH signed an agreement with the Mexican company HST last July, in order to acquire 60% of the company’s capital. This agreement aims to develop a construction and operation project in a new oil product storage facility located in the metropolitan Valle de México zone.