CLH Aviación is awarded a new airport in Panama

  • CLH Panamá has started operation, maintenance and into-plane fuel supply activities at the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport
  • In 2017 the subsidiary of CLH Aviación was awarded the operation of five other airports in the country, specifically Tocumen, Panamá Pacífico, Río Hato-Scarlett Martinez, Enrique Jiménez de Colón and Enrique Malek

CLH Panamá, a subsidiary of CLH Aviación, has started its operations at the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, also known as Albrook Airport, which is one of the major airports in Panama in terms of domestic flights and private navigation.

Marcos A. Gelabert is a state-owned airport which is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama and is located a few kilometres away from the western area of the capital city. It is the second largest airport within the province of Panama, only surpassed by Tocumen International Airport, where CLH Panamá also has operations.

The company will be responsible for managing the fuel storage facility and for into-plane services at the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, for which purpose it will incorporate a total of six vehicles in forthcoming weeks in order to provide a better quality service.

CLH Aviación is a Strategic Partner of IATA and a member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), where it participates actively in the Technical Forum and the Operations Committee, which entails the application of the best international practices in operations, safety management, occupational safety and environmental management.

Furthermore, CLH Aviación participates in several committees and subcommittees of the Energy Institute and is an Affiliate Member of ALTA (Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association).

About the CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market and the second largest logistics operator in Europe in terms of the extension of its pipeline network and storage capacity.

In Spain, the CLH Group has a pipeline network of over 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with capacity for 8 million cubic metres, as well as 28 airport facilities located at major airports.

Internationally, the company is developing an ambitious expansion plan and is already present in four countries: The United Kingdom, Oman, Ireland and Panama. Moreover, it recently announced an agreement to develop a new project in Mexico.