CLH and the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia present the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

  • The panel of experts has recognised the projects Planificación Quirúrgica, HR Nominapress 360 and Gofoodie

Earlier today, CLH and the Regional Ministry of Business, Industry and Communications, through the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia (INFO), granted the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in their 5th edition. The INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards reward the most remarkable entrepreneurs from the Murcia region in 2019, with less than three years of business operations, for their innovative proposals.

The regional minister of Business, Industry and Communications, Ana Martínez Vidal, stated that “in addition to the generous financial reward, the prize represents a recognition platform for the winning business project and for the rest of the participants; in fact, the winners from previous editions have become consolidated as high added-value businesses that provide stable and quality employment.”

For his part, CLH chairman Jose Luis López Silanes, who participated in the event via videoconference, highlighted that “through CLH’s Entrepreneurship Support Policy, and particularly this collaboration with the INFO, we wish to help entrepreneurs who are starting in their business and promote the generation of new business and employment, thus contributing to economic dynamism, especially in such difficult times”.

The Entrepreneurship Support Plan of the Murcia region, where CLH acts as a collaborator, sets out the priorities, action lines and specific activities to be developed by the Murcia regional government for the 2018-2021 period in terms of entrepreneurship by carrying out various activities that favour business generation and consolidation, as well as scientific, technological and innovative entrepreneurship.

The winning projects are selected from among the 12 winners rewarded throughout the year by the INFO within the framework of the Entrepreneur of the Month Awards, for which 400 applications have been made and 95 prizes awarded since 2012.

Projects awarded

The first position went to Planificación Quirúrgica Conrado S.L., a company focused on the distribution and marketing of surgical prostheses, which makes tools available to surgeons so that their procedures can be performed with greater precision through patented software and hardware and 3D printing technologies.

The assessment committee awarded the 2nd prize to  HR Nominapress 360, a tool conceived for comprehensive management of the HR department in the hospitality sector.

The 3rd prize was presented to Gofoodie, an app aimed at food lovers which makes it possible to discover the best dishes thanks to tailored recommendations.

The attendance-based award ceremony will be held next week, when the three winning companies will be presented with the winning distinctions for this edition of the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.