CLH and the Murcia Regional Development Institute present the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

  • The jury recognised the Nido Robotics, Useful Wastes and Flecho projects

The President of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Regional Minister for Employment, Universities, Enterprise and Environment of the Region of Murcia, Javier Celdrán, presented the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards this morning, recognising the three best entrepreneurial projects in the Community with the aim of contributing to their development and consolidation.

During the presentation of the awards, the President of the CLH Group congratulated the winners and finalists regarding "the high quality and variety of the proposals submitted", while reminding them that "the real prize for an entrepreneur is not the recognition he or she may receive today, but the fact of generating a project capable of becoming a company of the future".

López de Silanes also encouraged the finalists to strive to consolidate their business projects: “Good ideas alone are not enough. It is necessary to implement them and to do that, you need a lot of passion, but above all else you need a great deal of perseverance and a great team surrounding you."

The three winning projects were selected from among the winners of the Awards Entrepreneur of the month, as recognised by the Murcia Regional Development Institute (INFO) over the course of the previous year.

The first prize went to Nido Robotics, a robotics company that has released the first low-cost professional submarine drone, to which all types of sensors and tools can be incorporated. The model has been launched worldwide in order to reach a very large audience, such as companies, individuals, divers, scientists or technology lovers.

The evaluation committee has recognized with the second prize to Useful Wastes, an agro-food startup that works to solve the water deficit and the pollution produced by the agricultural exploitations. To achieve this, it has developed an innovative system that eliminates 100% of the brine from the desalination processes, allowing the wells to be used for agricultural irrigation and the waste to be commercialized as a disinfectant in food cleaning processes.

Flecho has been awarded with the third prize, a device that allows to reinforce the safety of simple medical interventions. With the size of a mobile, placed on the skin, it obtains an image of the patient's blood vessels on the screen, visually assisting in the insertion of catheters and increasing the doctor's precision.

Policy Support for Entrepreneurship

The collaboration between the CLH Group and INFO is within the scope of the company's Entrepreneurship Support Policy, which aims to contribute to the development of innovative projects and stimulate the creation of new companies and jobs. This policy applies at the national level, particularly in the areas where the company is present.

In accordance with this philosophy, CLH has agreements to boost entrepreneurship with various agencies, such as the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castile-Leon (ICE) and the Campus Iberus, a body which comprises the universities of Saragossa, Lleida, La Rioja and the Public University of Navarre.

About the CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company for the transport and storage of petroleum products within the Spanish market. Within Spain it owns a pipeline network more than 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities, with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters, as well as 28 airport facilities.

In the Region of Murcia, the company has a storage facility in Cartagena and nearly 50 kilometres of oil pipelines, which connect this facility with the one in Alicante. Furthermore, its subsidiary, CLH Aviación provides fuel for aircraft at the airport in San Javier.

At the international level, CLH is present in the United Kingdom, via its subsidiary CLH-PS, where it manages 2,000 kilometres of pipelines and 13 storage facilities, with a capacity of one million cubic metres.

In Ireland, CLH Aviation Ireland manages the fuel storage terminal at Dublin airport, and is also constructing a new facility, set to be six times the size of the existing one.

The company is also involved in a significant project in the Sultanate of Oman, where it has teamed with Orpic to form a company named OLC, which has built and currently manages an oil product logistics network consisting of a 300 km pipeline and a storage facility.

CLH Panama will also soon start supplying fuel to five airports in the country and will manage their respective airport facilities, after being awarded the tender launched by the Panamanian Port Authority (AITSA).