CLH and the government of Castile and León award prizes to the Autonomous Community’s two best innovative projects

The two winning initiatives are Additive Systems, a 3D printing company, and Vinculatio, a platform for legal professionals

The CLH Group president, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Economy and Finance councillor of the government of Castile and León, Pilar del Olmo, awarded the VIII CLH Awards to the companies Additive Systems and Vinculatio, who presented the best innovative projects in the eleventh edition of the ADE2020 programme.

The ADE2020 “innovative project accelerator” programme is an initiative driven by the Castile and León Institute of Enterprise Competitiveness (ICE) (previously known as the Agency for Enterprise Innovation, Financing and Internationalisation (ADE)), a body of the government of Castile and León. It aims to help entrepreneurs to fully develop their novel ideas and convert them into real business opportunities. This initiative incorporates the advice of a team of professionals on producing and deploying a business plan, searching for public financing and procuring private investment.

CLH Group and ICE have maintained a collaboration agreement since 2014, which has allowed the company to award prizes to the best projects presented in the last seven editions of the ADE2020 programme.

Winning projects

The two winning initiatives of the VIII CLH Awards are Additive Systems and Vinculatio.

Additive Systems is a 3D printing company, a process also known as additive manufacturing. It proposes analysing the requirements of each client and studying the pieces to be produced, selecting the optimum materials via a simulation. This is possible thanks to an analytical and prototyping engineering service that uses the latest software advances. The project is mainly aimed at the automotive, robotics and aeronautical sectors.

The other winning project is Vinculatio, a virtual platform that aims to facilitate legal professionals’ work by coordinating and connecting the various professions related to this field. The company wants to reach fourteen professional sectors related to Law and improve the schedules and capacity of professional contact, as well as the generation of networks between the sector’s professionals.

Via a national search function filtered by profession and location, Vinculatio shows the user the records of the experts that meet the profile they have requested. It also shows the contact’s basic information and a short professional evaluation.

Entrepreneurship support policy

This collaboration forms part of the company’s Entrepreneurship Support Policy, which aims to contribute to the development of innovative projects and promote a new entrepreneurial spirit. This policy applies at a national level, with a particular focus on the localities in which CLH is present.

As part of this initiative, the company has signed agreements with various institutions in order to boost entrepreneurship. For example, INFO-CLH recognises the three best entrepreneurial projects in the region of Murcia or the Campus Iberus, the entity including the main Ebro Valley universities. The company has also signed agreements with the Institute of Development of the region of Murcia, the San Fernando de Henares local council and the Carlos III University of Madrid.