Campus Iberus and the CLH Group expand their Entrepreneurship Awards with a new category for Social Entrepreneurship

  • The new edition will reward business ideas based on knowledge, business projects and rural and urban social entrepreneurship with a total of 16,000 euros

Campus Iberus and the CLH Group have launched the Third Edition of the Iberus-CLH Entrepreneurship Award Programme, which has been expanded with a new category for Social Entrepreneurship.

The Campus of International Excellence of the Ebro Valley, Campus Iberus, a strategic alliance of the universities of Lleida, Zaragoza, Public of Navarra and La Rioja, in collaboration with the CLH Group, aims at promoting creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among students, graduates, teaching and research staff, and administrative and service staff.


This third edition of the Iberus-CLH Programme maintains the two categories of previous editions (Generator of Business Ideas based on knowledge, and Business Project) and includes a new category focused on Social Entrepreneurship with two types: Urban Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Social Entrepreneurship.

Campus Iberus and the CLH Group wish to reinforce their commitment to society by establishing this third category in the 2016 Programme as a way for universities to contribute to reducing inequalities and promoting social cohesion in the Ebro Valley. Campus Iberus and the CLH Group seek to implement new initiatives and enterprises within the university environment that measure their growth not only in financial terms but also in social, cultural and environmental terms.

The total amount of the four awards is 16,000 euros, in addition to the business consultancy services provided by Campus Iberus and CLH for their implementation.

The first category rewards the best ideas based on knowledge for creating new business in the Ebro Valley. Any innovative business idea, either technological, cultural or artistic, which bases its activities on the development of knowledge generated in the universities belonging to Campus Iberus may be submitted.

The Business Project category aims to contribute to rewarding and reinforcing business projects carried out within the previous 48 months by students, graduates, teaching and research staff, and administration or services staff of the universities of Campus Iberus, in the regions where these are located. The businesses may base their activities on the exploitation of new technologies, the development of RDI or the enhancement of cultural, humanistic or artistic initiatives.

The new category, Social Entrepreneurship, aims at rewarding and promoting the generation of innovative social initiatives which, once implemented by public authorities and supported by the citizenship, facilitate entrepreneurship focused on people, their environment and needs.

This category rewards initiatives that boost active participation by people and introduce other actions that meet the needs of the people or establish lines of action that may result in profit or non-profit entrepreneurship projects. This award consists of two types: initiatives in a rural or an urban setting.


The Iberus-CLH Entrepreneurship Award Programme is open to receive projects until 30 September 2016.

With this new edition of the Programme, both Campus Iberus and CLH strengthen their commitment to entrepreneurship in the Ebro Valley, promoting the innovative spirit of the staff linked to the universities of the Campus Iberus, thus contributing to the development and consolidation of an innovative ecosystem and an economy based on knowledge.

You can find further details for this edition on: http://www.campusiberus.es/?page_id=26995