Logistics for liquid products

Logistics for liquid products

We make it easier for our customers to offer the market a differentiated and quality product thanks to our transportation and warehousing services.

Bulk liquid storage

We offer state-of-the-art terminals, beside logistics and transport hubs, for the storage of bulk liquid products, from the raw materials used at the start of production through to the finished products (fuels, chemicals, biofuels and alcohols), to get them to the places where they are needed. 


We have storage capacity for both non-commercial, out-of-specification products and products that meet the relevant specifications.


The versatility of our facilities also allows us to offer our customers bespoke operations that are fast and flexible, such as: 


    • Blending of components and products
    • Transhipment 
    • Break/build bulk 
    • Additivation
Integrated transport and storage service for liquid fuels

In Spain and the United Kingdom, we provide an integrated service for the receipt, transport by pipeline and storage of liquid fuels: automotive, aviation, marine fuels and biofuel blends. The flexibility of our network enables the incorporation of biofuels for supply to the market.

Our operating model is similar to that of a bank in that customers can receive their oil products at multiple points in the Exolum network immediately after delivery.

Strategic, secure storage


We provide storage services to strategic reserve management agencies and commercial operators.


A large number of our terminals are equipped to provide logistics services for the transportation, storage and blending of first- and second-generation biofuels:

    • Blending with biofuels

    • Biofuel storage, blending and dispatch

    • Biofuel certification system for transportation purposes

This service enables our clients to meet the renewable energy and carbon footprint reduction targets set for their products.