CLH renews its collaboration with the University of La Rioja to organise a new “Society in search of references” cycle

  • Francisco Michavila opens the new issue on the 3rd of May

The president of CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Director of the University of La Rioja, Julio Rubio García, have renewed the collaboration agreement to organise a new issue of the “Society in search of references” cycle.

This initiative emerged in 2013 within the Summer Courses at the University of La Rioja and, after changing format in 2016, it has been established as an important conference programme that develops throughout the academic course. 

“Society in search of references” emerged to give a voice to those who should be references in society. It aims to fight against the current crisis in values, originating from the lack of honesty in public life or the deterioration of the credit of some institutions.

Ultimately, through this cycle, CLH and the University of La Rioja want to provide the chance to listen to those who have talent, who face their work with honesty, those who are bold, who have been successful or those who are prepared to exceed their own expectations.


The professor Francisco Michavila will open this new issue on Thursday the 3rd of May. He is a professor at the Technical University of Madrid, UNESCO Chair of University Management and Policy, honorary rector of the Jaume I University and the INCREA Department Chair. His contribution to the creation of a European Higher Education Area is particularly important, recognised with the National Order of Merit of the French Republic.

The prize-winning journalist of the El País newspaper, Ángeles Espinosa, is also expected to participate. She specialises in the Arabic and Islamic world and has been a correspondent on some of the main war conflicts over the last few years. Ana Justel, the Statistics and Operational Research professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, is also expected to take part. She has participated in seven research campaigns in the Antarctic, in which she uses statistics and data handling to foster scientific knowledge.

Among the noteworthy participants of previous issues are the scientists Margarita Salas and Mariano Barbacid, the Director of the National Transplant Organisation Rafael Matesanz, the General Director of Oxfam Intermón José María Vera, the photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner 2013 Manu Brabo, the pharmacist Margarita Arboix, the astrophysicist Javier Armentia and the philosophers Daniel Innerarity and José Antonio Marina.