Project Name: Yubick

Location: Barcelona Port (Passeig de Cantunis)
Project Pillar: Entrepreneurial ecosystem | Entrepreneurship


Parking lot for use by lorries and/or heavy vehicles (buses, caravans, etc). It is characterised by its security levels, since surveillance cameras are placed all around the perimeter fencing and physical surveillance is provided 24/7. The aim is for drivers to be able to rest, take a shower and have something to eat.
This parking lot includes 2 types of parking spaces, fixed and rotational, which users can reserve using a mobile App.


The parking lot is intended for all kinds of lorries or heavy vehicles and is especially designed and equipped for the comfort of drivers with all the services required for their safety and relaxation.

The aim of this facility is to offer drivers a quality service which will meet their requirements and serve as a starting point for the next working day. The service has been adapted to the requirements of customers with greater needs, such as ADR transport, refrigerator lorries, mega trucks and giga trucks.

The transportation companies contracting the services will be entitled to use the facilities, which are equipped with security services including video surveillance, perimeter fencing and intruder detection, as well as toilets with showers and a rest area with custodial personnel, surveillance, 24-hour cleaning and internet access, all year around.

The new facility includes 70 spaces for trailers. Furthermore, the facilities will be extended in the future to increase the number of parking spaces and to extend the services to other customers, such as smaller lorries or light duty vehicles.

Drivers can contract two different options::

  • One option is to rent the parking space for 30-minute intervals through the Yubick app (available in Android and iOS) allowing reservations to be made beforehand, thus similar to a hotel. This ensures availability and the resting time of drivers, as well as the security of the vehicles for the time required by customers.
  • Another option is to contract the service as a monthly subscription for the number of parking spaces required. Based on this option, customers can enter and exit the premises as many times and with the number of vehicles as they wish, provided that they do not exceed the number of parking spaces contracted. This option is very convenient and is adapted to the transport fleets operating in the area.

More information on  www.yubick.com

STATUS: In operation