Project Name: Regenera

Location: Spain
Project Pillar: Renewable energy and CO₂ management


The REGENERA project, developed by a consortium of eight companies, namely the DAM Group, ENGIE, Sorigué, Hidroquimia, Tyris AI, H2B2, AIGUASOL and Exolum, aims to develop innovative technologies to store renewable energy surplus in an efficient and cost-effective manner and use it in industrial processes for the production of green fuel, hydrogen, methane and hythane. These can be used for heat and power generation, as precursors of other chemicals or in transportation to promote sustainable mobility. All the above using AI models to optimise the use of energy sources.

The research project, which will extend over 40 months, is based on the expectation that energy from renewable sources will increase from 25% to 86% by 2050.


During its implementation, the REGENERA project will conduct research into two innovative strategies that will make it possible to increase sustainability in future via two main factors: reducing storage costs and increasing the economic competitiveness of renewable fuel production.

Exolum participates in the project by researching technologies for the storage and distribution of renewable hydrogen in liquid carriers. This form of hydrogen logistics represents a major opportunity since the logistics of this new energy vector would be approached using existing infrastructures, which represents a basic principle of circular economy vectors.


This multisector consortium includes 6 excellent research centres with experience and capacity in the management of disruptive projects that seek to scale the results of this project to new international programmes, namely the Leitat Technological Centre, the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ), the Energy Technology Institute (ITE), the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM), the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) and the IMDEA Water Institute.

The REGENERA project, “Research into hybrid storage technologies and predictive models to transform industries into decentralised hubs of renewable energy management”, is financed by funds from the recovery plan for Europe ‘NextGenerationEU’ and forms part of the State RDI Programme “Science and Innovation Missions” of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).

STATUS: In operation
INVESTMENT: €786,798