Project Name: Avikor

Location: Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport
Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport
Project Pillar: Transformation and circular optimisation

Avikor is an initiative by Exolum to make flying more sustainable. This service offers both individuals and companies the possibility of travelling while reducing the emissions of their flight thanks to the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The Avikor service also favours the development of the aviation biofuel sector, encouraging industrial activity in the circular economy. Sustainable biofuels are the best option to reduce CO2 emissions in the aviation sector since, over the course of their life cycle, they offset up to 80% of these emissions.


Sustainable fuel is produced from organic waste (farming or forestry waste, urban waste, plastic, recycled oils, etc.). Thus, the manufacture of SAF and its subsequent use in aviation is a good example of the circular economy. Its chemical composition is identical to conventional kerosene and it can be blended and burned in the engine of the aircraft without requiring any kind of adaptation.

The service offers any passenger of any airline the possibility to fly while reducing the CO2 emissions caused by their flight, simply by indicating the flight code via www.avikor.com. The model is flexible, adapted to each user or company and it can be acquired to eliminate the desired fraction of CO2 emissions as another extra service, regardless of the airline flown with.

Avikor calculates the litres of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) needed to reduce or eliminate the emissions caused by the flights the customer has requested and it introduces this fuel into the fuelling system of the airport, replacing traditional kerosene. The customer pays the difference in price between the two fuel types.

Avikor sends to the airport the amount of SAF acquired for the flights each day, and the customers receive a message informing them that the SAF they have purchased has been dispatched to the airport before their flight takes off. Avikor credits each client with the volume of sustainable fuel contracted and its traceability is certified at source by a schema approved by the European Union, validated by AENOR.

The is a multichannel service, since different agents such as airlines and agencies can offer the service to their tourist and business clients. The system is remarkably flexible and corporate packages can be offered adapted to the needs of companies.

This service makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact associated with business or cargo flights, both for airlines and companies, in line with the sustainability strategy of the company.

More information www.avikor.com

STATUS: In operation