The Chairman of CLH participates in the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow

  • Mr. López de Silanes emphasised the flexibility of the CLH pipeline network when the need arose for it to adapt to the increase in oil product flow from refineries in the south of the Peninsula

The Chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, has participated in the twenty-first edition of the World Petroleum Congress, which is currently being held in Moscow and has been organised under the central theme of "Responsibly energising a growing world".

Mr. López de Silanes, who participated in the round table discussion entitled "Optimising transportation, blending and storage of oil and oil products", made a presentation on the challenges being faced by the oil sector in Spain today.

During his speech, he explained that as a result of the fall in demand for oil products and the increase in production capacity for medium distillates experienced by  Spanish refineries, our country had gone from being a net oil product importer up until 2011, to having a positive export balance of more than 2.6 million tons in 2013.

He also pointed out that as a result of these changes, there had also been an important increase in oil product flows from the refineries located in southern Spain to the north and centre of the Peninsula, and that there had been no problem with being able to accommodate these thanks to the flexibility of the CLH pipeline network.

In addition, Mr. López de Silanes highlighted the characteristics of Spain's pipeline network and listed the numerous advantages of the CLH integrated logistics system.

The World Petroleum Congress is an event that is held every three years and brings together professionals from all over the world who have connections with the oil and gas industry, as well as governments, industrial sectors, non-governmental organisations and international bodies.

On this occasion, more than 11 plenary sessions, 25 forums, 23 ordinary sessions and 12 round table discussions were held, with the participation of representatives from companies such as Repsol, BP, PEMEX and Petrobras, among a great many others in the sector.