Exolum launches “El Prisma”, a new podcast about the main trends in the energy industry

      • – El Prisma will be hosted by the scientific reporter Deborah García Bello (@Deborahciencia) and a new episode will be released every month

    Exolum has launched its new podcast “El Prisma”, an informational space that will analyse the current scenario of the energy industry, as well as reporting on progress and news regarding decarbonisation and energy transition. To this end, episodes will revolve around the main trends in renewable energy, such as the development of new energy vectors, like green hydrogen, sustainable mobility or decarbonisation in aviation, among other matters.

    El Prisma will be hosted by Deborah García Bello, also known as Deborah Ciencia in social media. PhD in science, researcher, scientific communicator and writer, Deborah will be accompanied by industry experts and professionals, who will share their knowledge and help us better understand emerging energy technologies, innovations in the industry and different strategies to reach global sustainability.

    The first podcast episode will be available on 25 January on the following platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, and on its YouTube channel.

  • Madrid, 25 January 2024